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93 Allen Boulevard Suite 102
Farmingdale, NY, 11735
United States

Independent record label from Farmingdale, NY, specializing in CDs, cassettes, vinyl, clothing, and other merchandise for touring bands & musicians.

Cherry Blossom - "Belvedere" CS *PRE-ORDER*


Cherry Blossom - "Belvedere" CS *PRE-ORDER*


Cherry Blossom - "Belvedere" CS *PRE-ORDER*


Indie/emo duo from Augusta, GA, consisting of two members of Lost Boy. 100 cassettes, 50 from us and 50 from the band.

/100 solid pink cassettes

Comes with a FREE Santapogue Media sticker!

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Quote from Holden Taylor:

"Cherry Blossom began in late 2015 in Augusta, GA. After returning from tour with my band Lost Boy I (Holden Taylor) was pushed to move back to my childhood home because of a falling out with childhood friends. Spent a lot of time in my room. I felt very stuck where I was in life. I didn't know what I wanted to do. Nothing felt right. So I decided i wanted to do something for me. Something that completely defined my existence. I wanted to write some songs that were more artistically driven. I wanted to create something that made people feel something. I wanted to make something like I'd never done before. 

So I began trying to write 4 songs focusing very hard on the emotion that they portrayed . I started not just listening to my favorite albums and intensely listening for what made them so great. One night I called David Nelson up and ask him if he is interested in possibly playing drums with me. He was the co pilot of Lost Boy with me so I knew I want him. David said he was interested but he wanted to hear the songs first. So we went to our practice space and jammed them for a bit. He instantly felt connected to the songs. 

So I messaged Jon Markson (Such Gold, Taking Meds) about recording us at his studio The Gallery. I had met him through friends. Jon had done a flawless job on a few of our friends records so we knew we wanted him. Before I knew it we packed our things and drove to Brooklyn, NY. We spend a few sleepless days on the record and finally finished just minutes before we packed and left.

Our soon to be released first record "Belvedere" will be released on cassette by Santapogue Media on April 30th."


side a:
1. X-Files
2. Vice Grip

side b:
3. White Lies
4. Escape Rope

/100 solid pink cassettes
Comes with a FREE Santapogue Media sticker!