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93 Allen Boulevard Suite 102
Farmingdale, NY, 11735
United States

Independent record label from Lindenhurst, NY, specializing in CDs, cassettes, & vinyl for touring bands & musicians.

GOTTEM - "Cool" (12")


GOTTEM - "Cool" (12")

cool cover.jpg
cool cover.jpg

GOTTEM - "Cool" (12")

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GOTTEM's 2015 EP on vinyl. 5 tracks of bummer-surf punk (for people who don't surf). 200 Black & 100 Blue One-Sided 12" were pressed. Released with STRUCTURES//AGONY RECORDS, SYCAMORE MEDIA & TYBURN WOODS MUSIC & ARTS COLLECTIVE.

Also available on vinyl in our shop.
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GOTTEM's 2015 EP on one-sided 12" vinyl! Released by Structures//Agony Records, Sycamore Media, Tyburn Woods Music & Arts Collective, and us. 5 bummer surf rock tracks (for peolpe who don't surf).

1. I'm Getting Better
2. Aziz Ansari I Didn't Call You Back
3. Sleep Forever
4. Leech
5. Will I Am is a Fragment Sentence

/100 transparent blue one-sided 12"
/200 black one-sided 12"
Also available on cassette in our shop.
Comes with a FREE Santapogue Media sticker!